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Welcome To B.C.Photography
Here our aim is to provide high quality images at reasonable prices.
We are based in North Wales and can travel from Angelsey to Chester down to Shrewsbury to Portmaddoc covering all the major towns Bangor ,Conway Llandudno ,Rhyl ,Prestatyn,Wrexham,Llangollen,Bala,Barmouth,Shrewsbury,Chester,Cheshire,The Wirral,Liverpool,Manchester,and the North West of England.

We produce quality images for you to treasure and remember your special event by.
We don't use a fixed studio, preferring to use a mobile studio set up which enables us to work at either your home or any location you may wish e.g. local park,beach,beauty spot or work place. We find this gives a more relaxed feeling as you've chosen the photo shoot setting.

We are CRB checked and are official photographers for the Rhyl Dolphins swimming club.
In 2014 i've now become a member of the Royal Photographic Society with the aim to achieve a fellowship qualification in the art of photography...

We have covered many important social and private events from swimming gala's to corporate receptions ,company publicity,football tournaments,motorsport ,fashion and modeling shoots and wedding reception's ,family portraits ..

Please note when ordering Prints from the website it will ask you for 'colour correction'. on or off please make sure you select 'off'. as it's already been done...

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The Best Of

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116 Car Club Targa Rally 2015

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The Best Of

Visitors 279
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Created 23-Jul-15
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The Best Of

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