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Welcome To B.C.Photography
Here our aim is to provide high quality images at reasonable prices.
We are based in North Wales and can travel from Angelsey to Chester down to Shrewsbury to Portmaddoc covering all the major towns Bangor ,Conway Llandudno ,Rhyl ,Prestatyn,Wrexham,Llangollen,Bala,Barmouth,Shrewsbury,Chester,Cheshire,The Wirral,Liverpool,Manchester,and the North West of England.

We produce quality images for you to treasure and remember your special event by.
We don't use a fixed studio, preferring to use a mobile studio set up which enables us to work at either your home or any location you may wish e.g. local park,beach,beauty spot or work place. We find this gives a more relaxed feeling as you've chosen the photo shoot setting.

We are CRB checked and are official photographers for the Rhyl Dolphins swimming club.
In 2014 i've now become a member of the Royal Photographic Society with the aim to achieve a fellowship qualification in the art of photography...

We have covered many important social and private events from swimming gala's to corporate receptions ,company publicity,football tournaments,motorsport ,fashion and modeling shoots and wedding reception's ,family portraits ..

Please note when ordering Prints from the website it will ask you for 'colour correction'. on or off please make sure you select 'off'. as it's already been done...

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The Best Of

Visitors 311
199 photos
Created 23-Jul-15
Modified 23-Jul-15
The Best Of

Recently Added

All Wal;es Pole Championships 2016

Visitors 22
612 photos
Created 24-May-16
Modified 24-May-16
All Wal;es Pole Championships 2016

Cheshire Aerial Championships 2016 JNRS

Visitors 40
1275 photos
Created 10-May-16
Modified 10-May-16
Cheshire Aerial Championships 2016 JNRS

Cheshire Aerial Championships 2016 SNRS

Visitors 89
2688 photos
Created 5-May-16
Modified 5-May-16
Cheshire Aerial Championships 2016 SNRS

Good Bye Rhyl High 2016 Party

Visitors 15
104 photos
Created 16-Mar-16
Modified 16-Mar-16
Good Bye Rhyl High 2016 Party

Cambrian Rally 13 feb 2016

Visitors 45
286 photos
Created 15-Feb-16
Modified 15-Feb-16
Cambrian Rally 13 feb 2016

Lauren in the studio 2016

Visitors 13
108 photos
Created 9-Feb-16
Modified 9-Feb-16
Lauren  in the studio 2016

Sonia Phoenix Pole studio Jan 2016

Visitors 25
462 photos
Created 13-Jan-16
Modified 13-Jan-16
Sonia Phoenix Pole studio Jan 2016

Rhyl Dolphins Swim Club presentation night 2015

Visitors 28
383 photos
Created 29-Nov-15
Modified 29-Nov-15
Rhyl Dolphins Swim Club presentation night 2015

All Photographs

The Best Of

Visitors 311
199 photos
Created 23-Jul-15
Modified 23-Jul-15
The Best Of

Chic Fitnes Zoe

Visitors 73
24 photos
Created 23-Feb-13
Modified 23-Feb-13
Chic Fitnes Zoe

chic polefitness ladies

Visitors 183
113 photos
Created 18-Mar-13
Modified 18-Mar-13
chic polefitness ladies

Best of motorsport

Visitors 30
212 photos
Created 1-Apr-13
Modified 1-Apr-13
Best of motorsport

Mr And Mrs Brookes Family shoot 14

Visitors 22
108 photos
Created 25-Sep-14
Modified 25-Sep-14
Mr And Mrs Brookes Family shoot 14

Action Man Photoshoot

Visitors 17
29 photos
Created 2-Jan-15
Modified 2-Jan-15
Action Man Photoshoot

Motor Sport

Galleries 23
Modified 14-Feb-16
4578 photos

Air Shows

Galleries 6
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977 photos

Model shoots

Galleries 14
Modified 8-Feb-16
1746 photos

School Prom Nights

Galleries 6
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1178 photos


Galleries 12
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3112 photos

Landscapes and places to go

Galleries 15
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1311 photos

Sporting events

Galleries 16
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7337 photos

Parties, receptions and events

Galleries 14
Modified 15-Mar-16
2505 photos

Sadie Maddison Family Portraits

Visitors 10
63 photos
Created 10-Nov-15
Modified 10-Nov-15
Sadie Maddison Family Portraits

Carl Gizzi Family Portraits

Visitors 14
56 photos
Created 12-Nov-15
Modified 12-Nov-15
Carl Gizzi Family Portraits
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